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Gemstone Boards in your home

Transform your living space into a heaven of positive energy with Gemstone Boards! Enhance the overall atmosphere and create harmonious environment! Experience the powerful healing properties of gemstones in your own home! Invite abundance and prosperity in your life! Create a sanctuary for relaxation and stress relief! Boost your emotional well-being and promote a positive mindset through the energy of gemstones! Infuse your space with vibrant colors and natural beauty! Embrace the connection to nature and Earth's energies! Awaken your senses and stimulate your creativity by surrounding yourself with the inspirational energy of gemstones!


Gemstone Board Application Areas

  • Discover the elegance and versatility of Gemstone Boards - a must have for contemporary interior design!

  • Transform your living room into a work of art with Gemstone Boards.

  • Enhance your home, office, meeting rooms, waiting areas by the captivating beauty and elegance of Gemstone Boards!

  • Turn heads and inspire awe with the sleek and chic design of our Gemstone Boards!

  • Experience the perfect blend of clean aesthetics and elegance with Gemstone Boards.

  • Unleash your creativity and create a captivating ambiance in any space with our visually stunning Gemstone Boards.

  • Embrace contemporary design and enhance your surroundings with Gemstone Boards.

Main Characteristics

  • Made Of Authentic Gemstone Rock Granule

  • Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Green Fluorite, Tiger's Eye Stone, Red Jasper, Red Aventurine

  • High Quality Metallic Frame

  • 11.8" X 11.8" (30 X 30 Cm) In Size

  • 1.3 Lbs ( 0.6 Kg) In Weigh

  • Available In the 7 Chakra Stone Types

  • Easy To Install On The Wall

  • Removable Hook And Loop Fixation

  • Available In 7 Pieces Set And Individually

  • Can Be Installed In Any Arrangements


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